About RPH Ovens - Rational Service Partner and Frima Service Partner

Rational Service Partner

Before January 2013
I (Ray Hutchins) came across my first Rational Oven in 1983 while carrying out general catering repairs at TSW in Plymouth. The Chef said he was having trouble with this new piece of kit, so I contacted the UK importer and have been a service partner for Rational since that time.
Sales of Rational ovens has risen year on year to January 2016 where the share of the UK market for similar units is now 74%,with further growth expected in the southwest of around 10,000 units in the next five years.>
It was clear to me from about 2011 onwards I would have to start looking for an engineer, as to January 2013 I worked alone.

January 2013
With the increase in Rational Sales in the UK my first apprentice Shaun joins the wCompany
June 2013
Shaun qualified to become an engineer after attending Service partner engineer training at Rational UK in Luton and after upgrading his gas certificates to a commercial ticket he is now continuing his apprenticeship 
August 2013
The new van arrives.
In addition to our existing van we introduced a fully equipped and liveried vehicle for Shaun to use on a daily basis, this means we have been able to respond to service calls in different parts of our area at the same time, giving us more flexibility to give our customers a better and quicker response time to attend and service their ovens.

January 2016

Shaun Daymond ( Chief Service Engineer )
Shaun has now been with the company for three years and is now a well experienced and competent engineer. He is currently helping in the training of our new apprentice engineer, Chris Hutchins. Chris has been training with Shaun on a part time basis since August this year and now joined the company full time on the 4th of January

Chris Hutchins ( Apprentice Engineer )
Chris has been training with the company on a part time basis since April and has now joined the company full time as a trainee service engineer, on the 4th January 2016 and is also learning the business side with days spent in the office.
Chris has been taking his NVQ 2 plumbing course over the summer which will then allow him to take his Catering Gas ticket. Over the next few months Chris will be attending courses to make sure he has the accreditation to become a full time on the road engineer.


NEWS January 2016

Frima Service Partner

We have just been appointed as the South West Area Service Partners for Frima VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY appliances.
Having just returned from Training at Frima in Wittenheim in France Chris and myself (Ray) are now qualified to service and repair Frima units